The principle of being mutually supportive is perhaps the most important for today’s leaders to practice and the most difficult to engender



Smarter Futures

 - How to lead change through learning

Evolution in business is not fast enough. We must cope with disruption, learn from failure and transform our decision making to drive results individually, in teams and in business. The future for our children’s children depends on our ability to change.

First, we must change how we learn. And then, how we share that learning with others. In collaboration with Adam Voigt, Thought Leader in Education, we flip conventional approaches to create pathways for learning. When learning occurs in ways that are accessible, assessable and actionable organisations will keep pace with change in a contemporary world.

As Jack Welch said “An organisations ability to learn and translate that learning into action rapidly is the ultimate competitive advantage.”

Richard and Adam show you how….

Take Charge

- How to lead without playing dice with the future

Clarity is a myth. We build confidence and power by developing a level of skepticism with the ‘facts’, exercising our curiosity and asking great questions. These elements of the scientific approach open pathways to progress our life’s dreams, lead our organisations and build a better future for ourselves and our children’s children