Lessons for Better Integration

Published 2019. No one teaches what the world needs most: integration. This paper explores the relationship between systems engineering and complex systems governance which is not clear, especially given the field of ideas and methodologies supporting complex systems governance are in their early years of evolution. Yet, it is promising. This paper looks to practice, drawing lessons from a case example about the role and application of systems engineering in a major reform program, especially in relation to complex systems governance, seeking to inform the evolution of both theory and practice in how these two important fields of ideas work better together to create sustainable development outcomes.


Why governance is part of the problem and solution

Paper presented at MIT (2018). Many of the global challenges are leadership problems of a social and political nature, where self-interest transforms competition into gaming the system for economic gain. Mechanistic governance approaches designed by leaders of the competition serve self-interest and are a problem. For a better future, where the global interests lead collaboration, governance needs to be designed in, not bolted on. This paper opens consideration of more systemic approach to governance and leadership.


Collaborative planning is a mindset and a process

Published 2014. This paper draws on work completed with the Royal Australian Navy, extensible to all complex enterprises focussed on sustainable capability development. Strategy is put into action by every individual every day in fulfilling their role of governing, planning, managing, delivering, assessing and/or assuring the delivery of business outcomes. Critically, collaborative planning keeps the whole of a complex enterprise in the mindset of every decision maker and individual in taking actions on a daily basis.